Exercise to create a Personal Questionnaire – a measure of the 8-12 most important problems or difficulties, in your view, that you wish to change or work on in counselling in your own words from your point of view

Problem Questionnaire –    or • click here (page)

You may prefer to do this after your first counselling meeting or, at first, state 4 or 5 (or only 1-2) important problems or difficulties.

If you have a Personal Questionnaire –    or • click here (page)   (suggested frequency: every 2-4 meetings)


Strathclyde Inventory short version:    or • click here (page)     long version:    or • click here (page)

The Strathclyde Inventory is an inventory of statements based on Carl Rogers‘ observations of directions clients move in.

• suggested frequency: every 2-4 meetings


‘Individuals move, I began to see, not from a fixity…through change to a new fixity… But…the more significant continuum is from fixity to changingness, from rigid structure to flow, from stasis to process.’ (Carl Rogers, ‘A Process Conception of Psychotherapy’ (1957), On Becoming A Person: A Therapist’s View of Psychotherapy (London: Constable, 1961) 131).


Process Continuum Scale –    or • click here (page)

The Process Continuum Scale is a scale/measure of process differences (‘fixity’, ‘rigid[ity]’ or ‘stasis’ towards one end and ‘changingness’, ‘flow’ or ‘process’ towards the other).

• suggested frequency: periodically




Change Form –    or  click here (page)

• suggested frequency: every 12-18 meetings


Helpful Aspects of Therapy Form –    or • click here (page)

• suggested frequency: every 4-8 meetings