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‘[Carl] Rogers did not make a distinction between ‘counselling’ and ‘psychotherapy’ seeing them as essentially the same activity, an attitude that persists among person-centred practitioners today.’ (Tony Merry, ‘Classical Client-Centred Therapy’, The Tribes of the Person-Centred Nation: An Introduction to the Schools of Therapy related to the Person-Centred Approach, ed. Pete Sanders (Ross-on-Wye: PCCS, 2004) 30.)


‘Within the person-centred approach [they]…are not usually distinguished because the processes involved between practitioner and client remain the same whether we call the activity ‘psychotherapy’ or ‘counselling’. (Dave Mearns and Brian Thorne, Person-Centred Counselling in Action (London: Sage, 1988) 3.)


‘Yes I do see counselling and psychotherapy as the same thing – in the sense that I think all attempts to help people on a face-to-face interview basis range along a continuum. … I think that what we’re seeking for…is a way of saying that all of us can grow in the depth of helpfulness that we can provide for other people… But I would rather see that all as one continuum than chop it in two.’ (Carl Rogers, Carl Rogers on Tape: Counselling As I See It (Georgia, Bell & Howell, 1953) 27-28.)



‘[Also]…in Britain the word counselling tends to be used in contexts which in America might warrant the term psychotherapy. (Mearns & Thorne, Person-Centred Counselling, 3.)